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  • Profile of Company

       Phnom Penh Air Cargo Co., Ltd. is an air cargo carrier specializing in air logistics service, established in February, 2016, with Registered Capital of 30 Million USD, taking Phnom Penh International Airport in Cambodia as principal operation base. Since its establishment, Phnom Penh Air Cargo Co., Ltd. has been dedicating to full extension of air logistics market from Southeast Asia to China.

一、Profile of Company

1. Rapid Development in Trade between Cambodia and China

       Cambodia and China are friendly neighbors traditionally, with long history of amicable association. Political trust between the two nations has been deepening since the new century. In 2012, the two nations established strategic partnership. Since then, senior officers of the two nations pay state visits to the other country frequently. In May, 2016, Sihamoni, King of Cambodia, visited China; in October, 2016, President Xi Jinping of China visited Cambodia. Cambodian Prime Minister Hong Sen has visited China many times, and supported One-Belt and One-Road strategy of China, winning highly praise of Chinese leaders.

       Since establishment of China–ASEAN Free Trade Area in 2010, volume of bilateral trade between Cambodia and China has reached 4.5 Billion USD, which is expected to reach 5 Billion USD in 2017. Meanwhile, as of the end of 2015, investment of Chinese enterprises in Cambodia has reached 10 Billion USD accumulatively, and China is the largest origin of foreign investment.
        With increase in transport capacity and demand of market, the project of airline is expected to realize annual transport volume of 2000 tons ~ 5000 tons. Middle goal is to have transport capacity of 3 ~ 6 aircrafts and annual cargo volume will exceed 20000 tons within 3 years. Long-term goal is to have transport capacity of 10 aircrafts, many cargo airlines to Southeast Asia are established, and air cargo network between China and ASEAN is formed preliminarily, which promotes development of trade between China and ASEAN fully.

2. "One-Belt and One-Road" Strategy of China

        In 2013, China government presented the strategy of "One-Belt and One-Road", dedicating to construction of international economic corridor between China and the mid-south peninsulas. China government also established Silk Road Fund of 40 Billion USD and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank for such purpose. China Development Bank established pool of projects for One-Belt and One-Road specially. Regarding the strategy of "One-Belt and One-Road",      Hong Sen, the Prime Minister of Cambodia, expressed his opinion that, "Under such background, Cambodia is willing to support plans of China, including the strategy of "One-Belt and One-Road". We are willing to strengthen our efforts and supports in all aspects such as politics and economy, and promote the circulation of personnel, trade and capital within the region", and "in aspect of Silk Road, China makes investment of 40 Billion USD. It is wonderful phenomena, and a critical opportunity for us, which can drive development of Cambodia in all aspects." 

二、Introduction of Airline Project

1. Project of Airline between Phnom Penh and Shenzhen

       Phnom Penh Air Cargo Co., Ltd. is the first professional air cargo carrier in Cambodia.
       Airline between Phnom Penh and Shenzhen is the first cargo airline externally, which takes comprehensive advantages of Shenzhen, the maiden flight will occur by the end of March, 2017. 
       The establishment of Phnom Penh Air Cargo Co., Ltd. and the opening of Airline between Phnom Penh and Shenzhen, closes the history of Cambodia without air cargo in one hand, and announces the new epoch in history of air cargo between Cambodia and China on the other hand. This will promote economy and trade exchange between Cambodia and China, and improves the economy relations and cultural exchange. The type of aircraft for Airline between Phnom Penh and Shenzhen is Boeing 737-300F, with load of 13~15 tons. It used to take 6 days to transport goods from Shenzhen to Phnom Penh, however, the time is reduced to 1 day, which will enhance efficiency of transport greatly. 

2. Project of Airline between Phnom Penh and Shenzhen

        To adapt to development of bilateral trade between Cambodia and China, support the strategy of "One-Belt and One-Road" established by China government, promote cooperation of economy and trade and cultural exchange between Cambodia and China, Phnom Penh Air Cargo Co., Ltd. focuses on opening cargo airline between Cambodia and China, especially the Cargo Airline between Phnom Penh and Nanning is take as key project of the Company in 2017.  

       In Second Session of 21st Century Maritime Silk Road and Promoting International Production Capacity and Equipment Manufacturing Cooperation Forum (held by National Development and Reform Commission and People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region ) on Sep. 11, 2016, Cargo Airline between Phnom Penh and Nanning of Phnom Penh Air Cargo Co., Ltd. became one of key projects signed. 
       In First Session of China- Cambodia Investment Cooperation Summit Forum on Sep. 12, 2016, witnessed by Cambodian Prime Minister Hong Sen and Chinese leaders of all levels of government, representative of the Company made lecture in the Forum, expounded on the promoting significance of the Project to logistics and trade between Guangxi and ASEAN, arousing highly attention of both China and Cambodia. 

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