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  • Core Strengths

       We is Cambodia's first professional air freight company.

       Phnom penh - shenzhen freight routes is Cambodia's first foreign air cargo routes, will be to launch its maiden flight in 2017 at the end of march.

       Phnom penh air freight co., LTD. Was established and phnom penh - shenzhen air freight routes opened, on the one hand, the end of the history of Cambodia without freight airlines, get rid of the goods between reliance on aircraft belly space; On the other hand, also announced the Cambodia - new era in the history of China's air cargo. This will greatly promote the bilateral economic and trade exchanges between, promote the bilateral economic relationship between and people-to-people and cultural exchanges.

       Implement phnom penh - shenzhen cargo airlines aircraft for the Boeing 737-300 - f, load 13 to 15 tons, this will solve the constraints of air transportation of all kinds of large, bulk goods, goods in shenzhen to phnom penh road transport time is 6 days, phnom penh - shenzhen freight routes opened, time will be shortened to 1 day, this will greatly improve the efficiency of transportation.

       At the same time, we have the excellent security and customs clearance team on the ground, safe and fast high-quality service is the core of our goals.

       Phnom penh cargo airline will never miss your choice.

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